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Honda CB 750 Racing Type

Welcome to my Website !

Welcome to Moto JLM Réplica where you will find all the parts, certified, allowing you to build your own Honda 750 CR. I created my company in 1973 and is 40 years of experience which I hope you enjoy! All my pieces are produced from the finest materials and using modern techniques:

- The castings undergo quenching that did not exist at the time
- The tanks are aluminum AG5

Manufacture 100% French, your Honda CR 750 is fully constructed and assembled in my workshops, "Green Provence". Almost all of my suppliers of raw materials are in my area, my sole provider "foreign" is 300 miles from home in Italy. I will answer all your questions with pleasure, so do not hesitate to contact me! And if you're in the neighborhood, I will share my passion!
Daniel Mercier


Make built your own replicas

Honda CB 750 Racing Type

Daytona70 – Honda CB 750 CR

The mythical motorcycle, which won
the 200 Miles Daytona Race in 1970.

Using the same parts as the only
HONDA DAYTONA left in the world

Honda 6 JLM

Ride the most prestigious bike race of all time.

It is tested in the race with, Gerard Coudray, world champion endurance 1984 and 1985.

Honda 6 JLM Mike Hailwood

Ride the most prestigious bike race of all time, made by a great professional, Daniel Mercier, a Master Artisan with 40 years of experience.

This bike is a replica of the Honda 6-cylinder 300 cm3 owned by Mike Hailwood the greatest driver of all time, (9 times world champion and 12-times winner of the Tourist Trophy, the hardest race in the world (with a distance of 61 km for each round).

It is tested in the race with one of the best pilots at the time, Gerard Coudray, a Honda pilot and world champion endurance 1984 and 1985. Its manufacturing was based on a Honda 1000 CBX to allow the greatest reliability and greatest pleasure.
I named this motorcycle JLM as a tribute to my father Jean-Louis Mercier who passed away on Oct. 10, 2006. He was the one who taught me my job.

Honda CB 750 Racing Type

There are motorcycles, and then there are historic motorcycles.

There is, or at least, there was, the Honda with which Dick Mann won the Daytona 200 mile motorcycle race in 1970.
Honda won immediate credibility.
Now, against the backdrop of 100 years of motorcycle history and the production of 10 million CB 750s, it can be argued that Honda's victory at Daytona in 1970 was the most important single race victory, ever, for any manufacturer.

Make re-built to identical, using original Honda Daytona,
all or parts of the Honda CB 750 CR.

Honda built only four true factory Racers. These machines were radically different from privateer converted street bikes. The Racing Type versions were expressly built for the 1970 Daytona race.
The sole known surviving example of the Honda CB 750 Racing Type has been lovingly restored by its owner of 25 years.

Thanks to the actual owner of the motorcycle, you can be part of the legend.

Daytona70 – Honda CB 750 CR

The Race

Daytona 70 - Honda CB 750 CR > Race Daytona 200 miles

In this column, you'll be informed of the competitions we'll take part in, with many pictures and movies.

The bikes that I make are designed to compete real races. The race is the best test, so I've created a racing table, the "Team Daytona 70".

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