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Welcome Daytona70 – Honda CB 750 CR
Honda CB 750 Racing Type

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Motorcycles are before I make everything from motorcycles to participate in real races. The race to be the best test, I created a racing team, and for that I am surrounded by exceptional boys. Firstly the drivers:
Gerard Coudray, is it necessary to submit? Twice World Champion Endurance in 1984 and 1985, and my old pal Christian Vaucoy for 35 years extensive experience of the organization's assets: 14 Paris Dakar Rally of Tunisia 10, 3 Paris Moscow Beijing, motorcycle rider amateur since 1970.
Then the preparation of the motors:
Lionel Brancquart and Gerard, son and father, two generations of experience in motorcycle racing their awards, and in 1996 they were world champions with a Honda, 600 super-sport bikes before all official 2000 World Champions of endurance with Kawasaki;
in 2001 with the Chinese team Zongschen they are first and second in the world championship endurance on a Suzuki.
Jean Louis Martini, 30 years of experience in boiler, the exhaust of the'' 6 Brancquart'' he is tanks aluminum is still him. But Jean Louis was also motorcycle rider in the 90s, in formula'' promotion'' sports with several podiums to his credit. He runs his company, Martini Concept Beausoleil for 20 years, with great passion and great professionalism. And finally friends:
Jean Pierre Rolland treasurer and responsible for refueling. JF Balde, vice-champion of the World in 250 cm3 for his advice always sensible. Daniel Paris and Joeil Vantadour magicians machining. Guy Coulon, Technical Director at Tech3 GP motorcycle and motorbike 2 for its great racing experience, his advice and racing parts.
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